If you have any additional questions please feel free to phone or email us.


When should I contact Paper Elephant Press?
We suggest you take into account the lead time required for your event, for example a week or two prior to when your caterers/venue require final numbers is a good guide for your RSVP date. At a minimum it is best to allow 3-6 weeks for the design process (a gallery based design is generally quicker to turn around in under 3 weeks. than a complete custom design that may take up to 6 weeks), we then require 4-5 weeks for printing. But the sooner you contact us the better, good things take time, so the more time allowable the happier you will be with the final product. Note: wedding invitations are usually sent 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date.

Can you match my fabric colours?
Definitely! Just send us a swatch of the fabric (or whatever it may be, we have even colour matched to straws) and we will get back to you with a suggestion for colours.

Can you help with the wording?
Of course, invitation wording can be very confusing: traditional, modern, relaxed, formal. There are so many options to consider. Let us make it easy for you.

Can you personalise invitations?
The letterpress process does not lend itself to individualised invitations, although it can be done it tends to be cost prohibitive for most budgets. However, flat printing printing can be possible on some stocks if this is an option you have your heart set on. Another option is belly bands or name tags wrapped around your invitation. Talk to us about it during the briefing process.

How much does it cost?
Each order is unique, so we like to ensure that we quote on only the things you require. Contact us today and we can give you a comprehensive and itemised estimate to suit your requirements.

Can we visit your studio?
Unfortunately we do not allow studio visits and deal with 99% of our clients via emails and phone calls. If you feel the need to meet in person please discuss this with us to see if we can arrange a meeting.

I have artwork that I would like to use, can you print it?
Most definitely. You can find detailed specifications here.

I love letterpress but I am on a budget, can I still use letterpress?
Although we realise letterpress can be a more expensive option there are ways to keep costs down, for example printing in a single colour, using coloured envelopes or liners to add colour. We can also design a suite using a combination of letterpress and flat printed pieces to produce a cohesive look with a lower final cost. There are a number of options, ask us for more ideas when you contact us for a quote.

Can you print on both sides of the stock?
It can all depend upon your choice of stock and whether you are looking for a traditional ‘kiss’ impression or a ‘deep’ impression. A deep impression can cause show through on the opposite side if the stock is thinner. A heavy weight stock is best for this option.

We are running a little behind, can you print my order quicker?
We understand that sometimes emergencies occur and we can offer a faster turnaround, however it is subject to availability within our studio schedule may incur an additional ‘rush’ fee.

Is there a minimum order required?
Although we don’t have a set minimum, due to the cost of plates and set-up for letterpress printing we suggest quantities of 50 and over to be more cost effective.

Can I change my order?
It is dependent upon the change required and where we are currently in the ordering process, call us as soon as possible to discuss your changes.

Can I cancel my order?
It is dependent on where are currently in the ordering process. Please call us to discuss immediately. Paper Elephant reserves the right to retain a minimum cancellation fee of 20% of the invoice if the order is cancelled prior to design development and approval. If an order is cancelled after final proof approval, Paper Elephant reserve the right to retain all monies paid so far.

Is letterpress printing eco-friendly?
We are committed to keeping our processes and products as eco-friendly as possible. Our preferred paper is made from cotton fibres, a waste by-product of the cotton industry that would otherwise be sent to landfill. Cotton paper making processes use less chemicals than traditional wood-pulp paper. We also prefer environmentally responsible socks for our flat printing.

Can you ship orders outside of Australia?
Most definitely, contact us to discuss your project.

What types of payment do you accept?
We gladly accept payment via direct deposit, we can also accept credit card payments via Paypal with prior arrangement.

What is your privacy policy?
We take your privacy very seriously. We are committed to your privacy and security, we would never sell, rent or distribute your personal information for any reason to third (fourth or fifth) parties. Any information we request is purely used to serve the needs of our customers.